Each student will create their own page using their homeroom number and their initials; for example: If my name was John James Smith and my homeroom was Room 33, my page would be titled: 33 - JJS. Then, each day I was in the computer lab, I would take the last few minutes of my time and briefly fill out the template shared below.

The steps are:
  1. Mr. Lawslo would open the learning-journals wiki.
  2. I would select my page from the column on the left side.
  3. I would click on EDIT in the upper right.
  4. I would scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  5. I would fill in the blanks for what I learned today.
  6. I would click on Save.

Here is an example of the way you might fill in your page:

Date: 2/5/2011

Student First Name: John

I was surprised that: Computers make it easier to do my work.

I noticed that: Everyone likes being on the computers.

I discovered that: I can paste words from webpages.

I was pleased that: I learned how to make my homework easier.

I need more practice with:typing

Two things that confuse me about this lesson: Capital Letters and right click